History lessons closely examine the thrilling stories of pre-history and the dawn of civilisations including the Romans (in Prep class); the Ancient Egyptians and new-world history (Elements); Greek mythology and Anglo-Saxon Britain (Figures); Vikings and Victorians (Rudiments).  In KS1 we investigate landmark dates in British history and closer to home, our families and local heroes.

The aims of the History curriculum are:

  • To instil an interest and love of history as a subject.

  • To be aware that history is the study of the human past.

  • To be aware of the concept of historical change through the study of differing and diverse historical periods.

  • To make connections between events and situations in different periods of history e.g. common causes for warfare throughout history.

  • To investigate the causes and consequences of historical events.

  • To develop an awareness of different ways of representing past events.

  • To investigate differences between versions of past events.

  • To extract information from evidence and make judgements.

  • To develop retention within pupils - through reinforcement activities and question and answer skills.

  • To provide a range of methods for historical investigation: classroom teaching, historical field trips and subsequent field studies, note taking,  researching secondary sources whether these be textual, aural, visual or online.